In life is not like in porn.

1) You compare all girls with Angelika Black or Riley Steele and  in this comparison girls not winners ...
Angelika Black

2) At a meeting with the girl you think that now she should begin with slowly striptease, licking lips..

3) You very surprised when you see her breasts and you understand that her tits are less than watermelons.

big boobs

4) You very surprised when instead of deep blowjob you get: "Are you crazy - it's nasty."

5) You very surprised when instead moans you hear phrases like "Not there, stupid" "Did you cum?" "Well, are you finished...?".

6) You very surprised when instead her shouts "Yes, yes, yeah" "Yeah, dude, you sooo hot" you hear "Can you do it quickly?".

7) You very surprised when she did not consent for anal sex, and she tell you to shove cucumber at your ass and share your feeling.

8) You very surprised when instead of effectively swallow the cum or rub it on her body, she says: "Fuck,you dirtied me again ."

9) You surprised when a girl has a negative attitude to the proposal to invite her girlfriend next time.
threesome passion

10) You very surprised when after sex she then wants continue, ex. going to theater or restaurant...
naked in public

Sex taboo :)

  Hello again!
Today I want to talk about what not to do during sex. This is not a rules and it does not apply to everyone ;)

1. Don't be selfish. 

Many women complain that men find it important to your own satisfaction, reaching orgasm, turn away and go to sleep.

after sex

2. Play with women's breasts.

Breast ... I have no doubt that as soon as you undress the girl, one of the first wishes to grab her breasts or nipples. In fact, more than 50% of girls don't get the pleasure of caressing her chest (for some it causes distaste) So, biting the girl's nipple, try to draw attention to her reaction:)

Cheap sex toys is sucks ?

                                                                       Hello, my friends!
   Today i wanna talk about one of my fave sexy item... Very often I'm hear question "High quality sex toys can have low price?" And I can safely say - of course! Look at this super-duper vibrator for only 5 bucks.
   This vibration bullet make your clit and tight little pussy yelp of delight;) Despite the small size , with this vibrator in five minutes your body will collapse from the powerful orgasm (verified by me... hehe)

pink vibe
Pink Vibe

Oops, almost forgot ... don't use it very often, sometimes remember  about your boyfriend. Because, sending him every day in a bar with friends or baseball (with thoughts about another wild orgasm), you risk losing him. He can pay attention to your fat neighbor, whose don't had sex already 20 years:)

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Watch the Full Video Now!

Female anal orgasm (continue)

                                                                         Hello again!
 Today I finish my instruction about anal orgasm. If you new here you can read first part on this post "FEMALE ANAL ORGASM"

 To get anal orgasm partner should move smoothly like in the tango, while not causing pain.
Anal pleasure
anal penetration
   If you feel uncomfortable, then anal orgasm you will hardly get.  To try and get a pleasant feeling while anal orgasm, partner's erection  shouldn't be like cotton, dick must be like iron. Then you get rid of discomfort with penetration in the hollow of the anus.  You have to be a director for your macho, saying how and where to fuck.
Anal sex(doggy style)
  Doggy style is probably the most convenient position to reach orgasm.  Partner can control the depth of penetration and you can change the angle of stimulation. But not only with cock  you can reach anal orgasm! With oral caresses you can also get a delightful anal pleasure! The scenario could be: to start up your boyfriend moisturizing clitoris with his fingers, while stimulating the vaginal erogenous zones and the anus, such affection may raise you to seventh heaven. Despite the pleasant sensations, not everyone ready do it. Maybe it's certainly and properly, because anal sex can't be called harmless. But the fact remains that most couples break up because of the monotony of sexual life. And anal sex could fix it. So don't hesitate to learn and experiment. Be sure, anal orgasm will bring you unforgettable moments in life!

                                                                                 Let's catch orgasm! ;)
Female anal orgasm
Wild anal orgasm

Female anal orgasm

  Anal sex! .... In our lustful and perverted lives, these two words would not be a surprise to anyone. The only difference is that not everyone outside our lifestyle would totally agree with this. The surprised eyes and raised eyebrows will definitely be on the faces of many people. Well, maybe because of the taboo that anal sex has. To the opinion of many, anal sex is ugly, dirty, and also very painful. Most people would agree with this, however, anal sex has its advantages – namely, the anal orgasm!

anal orgasm

  It is an absolutely mind-blowing advantage! Wouldn’t you agree? This can be explained by the fact that the rectum has a lot of erogenous zones and it allows the girl to catch the excitement; as a result - Woohoo! Anal Orgasm!!! After reading this, many women might say that this is all bullshit. However, this is not so.  Getting an anal organism is a little like getting a vaginal organism - you just need a little work and use a special technique!

  It will be much easier to achieve an anal orgasm if you can get your partner to relax as much as possible before sex.  You should take a hot bath, drink a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, and try to get your partner to give you an erotic massage ( if they Also, have them casually begin to massage your anus; this helps loosen you up and gets you ready for anal intercourse.. You can be sure that all this sexual touching and arousal will get you in the mood for all types of sex, including anal.

female anal orgasm
Anal orgasm

  To achieve an anal orgasm you first need to relax your partner’s anus as much as possible. Start by shoving in one finger, then two or three. When it comes to desired consistency, make sure you have plenty of anal lubricant handy, preferably a silicone-based lube! The first experience of anal sex should go smoothly, so do not skimp on the lube, this will be important since the anus doesn’t have its own natural lubrication. Take aim and hold your cock with both hands making sure your cucumber does not fly off like a rocket. Start with a slow penetration, while talking about how beautiful and amazing your partner is – you need to get her to relax as much as possible. Speak gently, tenderly, persistently, in a whisper...  But don't forget to penetrate, start by inserting the head, and then when she takes it in and relaxes, slowly push in more of your cock. Yeah, this is not two fingers...

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